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I’m back honey boo boo child ;)

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The only white dude I’ll ever respect is Hey Arnold.
He lived in the middle of the projects , he roamed the streets in the hood and never had a problem, Real niggas respected him.
Real street niggas knew Hey Arnold was a crip , he never took his blu hat off , he stayed gang bangin on niggas. That’s why I respect him so much.

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Anonymous asked: omg girl, your beautiful!!! do you have instagram?

no i dont not :( but thanks tho :)


lol .. 




i think i’m just gonna reblog this once a week

holy shit she made me laugh way too hard

Lmfaoo! Ohh hell naah xD

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  • me: why did you just reblog that from them
  • me: i literally just reblogged that
  • me: you're following both of us so why'd you reblog it from them and not me
  • me: is it because you don't like me
  • me: is it because i'm fat

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all i see is light skinned girls on tumblr, where are the beautiful darkskins?